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Folsom House

In August of 1895, Lewis D. Folsom purchased a lot in the center of the 800 block of Center Street for $450. Here he built the stylish two-story, eight-room home once located at 829, with its typical Queen Anne adornments such as spindle trim above the porch and windows, and elegant turret with its fish scale roof. Born in Maine, Folsom had come to Nevada in 1874 and opened a store in Gold Hill. He met Mary Keville, who had come west from Massachusetts and the two married in Dayton. Ten years later they moved to Reno, where with a partner named Gallatin, Folsom bought out Jerry Schooling’s grocery business.

The house was designed and built by architect George E. Holesworth, who that same year was appointed supervising architect for the University. It featured the latest conveniences including a modern range, gas and electric lights in every room, and a dumb waiter comprised of shelves that could be raised or lowered to the cellar at the push of a finger. The foundation was made of stone from a quarry north of Reno owned by Robert L. Fulton. The house's completion was such a notable event that the newspaper raved in December of 1895, "in point of architectural beauty and modern convenience it is doubtful if there is another residence in town that can equal it." Lewis died in 1918 but Mary Folsom remained in the Center Street home she loved for many more years.

Around 1943, the home was purchased by Katie Atcheson. and was later passed down to her son Merle and his wife Mary, a talented and much-in-demand pianist. Their son Fred, a local attorney, occupied the house and continues to live there to this day. He divided the home into apartments and rented to university students. He sold the property to the University of Nevada, Reno in early 2016.

The University had the Atcheson House demolished in June 2020 to make way for a future College of Business building.



829 North Center Street, Reno, NV