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Holesworth Apartments

Also known as Essex House, the lovely four-unit apartment building was constructed in 1922.

The two-story dwelling at 440 Ridge Street was constructed in 1922 as an apartment building with four separate 4-room apartments and a courtyard on its south side leading to a four-stall garage.

The house is located in the Riverside Heights subdivision, which was laid out before 1900 and features tree-lined streets and spacious lots. Colonial Revival in style, it features Tuscan columns and a well-detailed Classical cornice ornamented with dentils. The four-car garage was designed and built in the original period with the same materials, providing each unit a separate automobile stall with a convenient back door access to all four apartments.

The house was constructed in 1922 at a cost of $10,000 for Olivia Holesworth. Its units were first advertised that year as "new and modern," with electric ranges, heat, and hot water. Residents through the years included prominent Nevada attorney Charles A. Norcross, Jack Dempsey, and Harolds Club founder and owner Raymond A. Smith.

The house is recognized as a significant contributing resource to the Newlands Heights National Historic District. It was individually listed in the City of Reno's Register of Historic Places in 2017.


Essex House, 2022
Essex House, 2022 The Holesworth Apartments, now known as Essex House, stands at 440 Ridge Street. Creator: Alicia Barber Date: 2022
Holesworth Apartments, 2008
Holesworth Apartments, 2008 Pictured in 2008, the house at 440 Ridge Street was painted in a creamy off-white color, with deep red accents. It is included as a contributing resource to the Newlands Heights Historic District, recognized by the National Register of Historic Places. Creator: ZoAnn Campana Date: 2008


440 Ridge Street, Reno, Nevada


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