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Bufkin House

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The house where Barbet and Jewell Bufkin lived, at 375 Westbrook Lane, dates to approximately 1940 and was likely moved here from its original location sometime in the mid-to-late 1950s. Additional living space was subsequently added to the rear of the house.

The Bufkins were originally from Mississippi, where they married in 1930. The couple then moved to Herlong, California, where they lived for about ten years before moving to the Reno area. The couple had five children: Barbet Jr., Joseph, Marcus, Mildred, and Georgia. Jewell died in 1972 at age 60.

Her family recalls that Jewell loved flowers, and the yard was filled with beautiful rose bushes. Barbet served for a time in the 1970s as the chairman of the Black Springs General Improvement District. Helen Townsell-Parker, who grew up in the house next door, recalls how Mr. Bufkin spent a lot of time working in his yard in his overalls. Known as a religious man, he was very well respected in the community and died in 2001 at age 95. The house was later purchased by Bufkin's grandson, Gino Osborne.


Jewell Bufkin in her garden Jewell Bufkin poses in the flower garden outside her house at 375 Westbrook Lane. Source: Demetrice Dalton
The Bufkin House in 1963 A view of the Bufkin's house in 1963 shows the beautiful rose bushes as well as the unpaved street in front of the house. Source: Gino Osborne Date: 1963
The Bufkin house The Bufkin house is pictured in 1991. Source: Special Collections, University of Nevada, Reno Libraries Date: 1991
Jewell and Barbet Bufkin Jewell and Barbet Bufkin stand outside their house at 375 Westbrook Avenue. Source: Gino Osborne
Robyn and Gino Osborne Robyn and Gino Osborne recreate the photo of Gino's grandparents, Jewell and Barbet Bufkin, in front of their home. Source: Gino Osborne
Pam Payne and Barbet Bufkin Barbet Bufkin and his granddaughter Pam Payne pose in front of his house in Black Springs in 1995. Source: Gino Osborne Date: 1995
Barbet Bufkin and Gino Osborne Barbet Bufkin and his grandson Gino Osborne smile for the camera at Martin Luther King Park in Black Springs. Source: Gino Osborne


375 Westbrook Lane, Reno, Nevada


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