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Ruffen and Gertha Lee Pettis bought a parcel of land in Black Springs, now known as 280 Medgar Avenue, from J.E. Sweatt in December of 1956. The couple had been living in Loyalton, California where their daughter, Bobbie Jean, went to high school. Their house is believed to have been moved here from another location.

In 1959, Bobbie Jean married Airman First Class William A. Stanley, who was stationed at Stead Air Force Base. As some of the earliest residents of the community, Ruffen and Gertha Lee Pettis were deeply involved in neighborhood activities. Ruffen was known by everyone as "Deacon Pettis," and was a founding member of the First Baptist Church of Black Springs. he also served as a trustee for the Black Springs General Improvement District. He died in 1994.



280 Medgar Avenue, Reno, NV