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Christensen Residence

Built in 1942 of Ready-Mix pumice blocks, the Ranch-style residence is on the city's historic register.

Andrew B. and Margaret M. Christensen purchased land in O'Brien's Southbrae Addition in 1938, and made plans to build a home there in 1941. Andrew, who worked as a service man for the Sierra Pacific Power Company, was listed as both the contractor and applicant on the permit application, suggesting that he constructed the house himself, likely from a plan book or catalog.

The house is featured in a 1950 newspaper advertisement for Ready Mix concrete and pumice blocks as "an example of good taste in building with Ready Mix block units." The Ready Mix company established itself in Reno in 1937, and opened its pumice block plant in 1945 on Morrill Avenue, using pumice sourced from the Dayton area for its blocks. This suggests that the Christensens used non-local Ready Mix pumice blocks for their home, which was completed by 1942.

The house is a 1-1/2 story early Ranch style residence with Colonial and Spanish Colonial Revival details. The replacement of its original windows with vinyl renditions have slightly compromised the residence's integrity of materials; however, the modern window design is largely compatible with the historic appearance of the house, making it a good example of the early Ranch style in Reno.

The Christensen residence was added to the City of Reno's Register of Historic Places along with the El Reno Apartment Home next door at 711 Mt. Rose Street in 2016.


Christensen Residence, 2022
Christensen Residence, 2022 The Christensen Residence sits at the corner of Mt. Rose and Lander Streets. Creator: Alicia Barber Date: 2022
The Christensen Residence on Mt. Rose Street
The Christensen Residence on Mt. Rose Street Viewed in 2022, the Christensen Residence is listed on the City of Reno's Register of Historic Places. Creator: Alicia Barber Date: 2022
Ad for Ready Mix Concrete, 1950
Ad for Ready Mix Concrete, 1950 The Christensen residence was featured in an advertisement for Ready Mix Block units in the Reno Evening Gazette on August 23, 1950. The company touted its construction materials as offering permanent beauty, low upkeep, and added fire protection, resulting in lower insurance premiums. Source: Reno Evening Gazette Date: August 23, 1950


707 Mt. Rose Street, Reno, Nevada


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