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Casa Del Rey

The Spanish Colonial Revival style house was built in the Newlands Manor subdivision in 1930.

The Spanish Colonial Revival home known as Casa Del Rey was built in the Newlands Manor subdivision in 1930 by Nevada Developers, Inc. Headed by W.E. Barnard, the company constructed several picturesque houses in the neighborhood that same year, giving them all charming names and advertising them in the local newspapers.

Casa Del Rey was described as a "five-room Spanish bungalow, featuring a genuine Spanish fireplace, monastery interior finish, and recessed kitchen ceiling." The house was listed in the City of Reno's Register of Historic Places in 2024.


Casa Del Rey
Casa Del Rey The house known as Casa Del Rey stands at 990Joaquin Miller Drive. Source: City of Reno


990 Joaquin Miller Drive, Reno, Nevada


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